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There really was no sizable grant money available for historic preservation until we passed the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in November, 2008. With the help of *Legacy* funding, Prairie Skyline Foundation (PSF) was able to work with "Artspace" to design the plan for the reuse of the former Cathedral. The project, called *the Young at HArt Center* combines the benefits of a community center with a hands-on arts center.
The Plan addresses many challenges faced by the Crookston community. For example, lack of arts opportunities, a center for people of all ages to gather, a dwindling downtown, and divisions between cultures, incomes, and age groups. And the plan can bring busloads of kids and teachers to visit and spend time and money in Crookston!
The reuse of the former Methodist Church is up to you! Just because we envision a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math center called the "Discovery Center," doesn't mean we aren't open to other ideas. Let us know!
Support is extremely important in helping us secure grants. We need match to obtain larger grants, and more of them. Twenty percent or more shows the kind of support our next grant application will need. We are completing a large, $206,608 Legacy grant for the roofing now. This included new sacristy (wings) roofs, flashing on the main roof, and steeple repairs and reinforcements. Next steps are to repair and restore the windows, and restore the front steps with a new foundation under them and a memorial paver program to go along with it, making the building safe and attractive to walk around.
As you may know, the roof on the Methodist Church is in dire need of repair and hopefully replacement. Like the old Cathedral, it has asbestos shingles. however, they are placed over wood shakes which probably were in disrepair before the the cover-up in the forties.
If everyone gave a small donation today, for example most people give $35, these donations will add up to a sizeable amount of matching funds for additional grants we've identified. These grants will allow us to open the doors to a clean and safe place to plan the layout of the community center with art and heart!

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