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Foremost Non-profit Public Charity in Crookston

Welcome to Prairie Skyline Foundation, Inc. Our mission is to restore historic buildings to meet the needs of the Crookston community. For the last 18 years, we have been working to improve the old Cathedral. 2 years ago, we also became owners of the former Methodist Church. Yes, everything about these buildings ...
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Current Projects

Currently, we are restoring two historic churches in Crookston, Minnesota. One is the Old Cathedral, a neo-gothic structure with three steeples, on Ash Street, destined to be a “Community Center with Art and Heart,” called the “Young at HArt Center.” The second building is across the street, the former Methodist ...
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Your Donation is Vital

There really was no sizable grant money available for historic preservation until we passed the Minnesota Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in November, 2008. With the help of *Legacy* funding, Prairie Skyline Foundation (PSF) was able to work with "Artspace" to design the plan for the reuse of the former ...
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  • Restoring buildings
  • Creating opportunities
  • Sharing stories
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Meeting the needs of Crookston community

We're on the Right Path

Roy St George

I love seeing your work in progress! Sacred Heart is also a labor of love. Please post more old photos of the interior of Immaculate Conception as it was, prior to being closed.

As I said elsewhere, our former pastor and organist visited your Cathedral before it closed. Our organist has a lot of photos. I'll ask if she'll agree to putting them on a DVD so I can share them with you.


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